NorCal Strength Studio’s Weight Loss Contract Progam

Warning: This program is NOT FOR EVERYONE! The program is designed for people who are ready to lose weight by committing to an aggressive approach to weight loss.

Our results driven Weight Loss Contract Program is designed to help clients make better health and nutrition choices. More importantly, the program is designed to help you lose weight.

The NorCal Strength Studio Weight Loss Contract Program is $1,999.00 for 12 weeks.

It’s comprised of:

  • Setting a safe weight loss goal
  • Planning your weight loss strategy with our Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Signing the NorCal Strength Studio Weight Loss Contract
  • Bi-weekly HitFit sessions
  • Sharing your daily calorie goal with your trainer (at the end of each day via email)
  • Daily assessment/motivation from your trainer via text or email
  • A commitment to walk 30 minutes (or other cardio) for 3-5 days a week
  • Documenting your weight loss journey by taking 1 full body picture each day
  • A charged fee if client does not meet their weekly goal